320 Billion Sales: Whales Are Selling This Meme Coin!

320 Billion Sales: Whales Are Selling This Meme Coin!
  • Earlier today, the biggest investors in the Ethereum network dumped $4 million worth of meme coins, significantly reducing their stash.

According to data shared by popular whale watching platform WhaleStats, the largest Ethereum wallets today Shiba Inu (SHIB) its total balance has been quite a loss as the whales dumped these meme coins on the market with a staggering amount of 323 billion SHIB. shrunk.

320 Billion Sales: Whales Are Selling This Meme Coin!

The WhaleStats platform, which focuses on the largest wallets on various blockchains, including Ethereum and BNB Chain, said in a post earlier today that the 100 largest wallets in ETH have sold approximately 323,362,974,939 Shiba Inu tokens worth close to $4 million. shared.

Earlier today, the whales’ balances totaled around $151,728,733. According to the aforementioned wallet tracker’s website, that amount has slumped to $147,532,685 so far. SHIB now giant whales only make up 5.13 percent of their portfolio.

The second-largest meme cryptocurrency by market cap, although it used to hit the top spots, it currently ranks fifth among whales’ largest crypto assets.

As for the number of Holders, the Shiba Inu recently hit an all-time high and currently has 1,213,828 investors.

320 Billion Sales: Whales Are Selling This Meme Coin!

Whales sell SHIB on the rise

According to data provided by CoinMarketCap, earlier today shiba inu price It managed to rise about 5 percent and reached the price level of $ 0.00001255.

This level was where the whales sold their 323 billion SHIB and made healthy profits from that sale. The combination of a large amount of tokens sold and a 5% increase resulted in very satisfactory profits for the whales.

at the time of writing SHIB pricelost about 2.5 percent of the previous gain, wiping out some of its previous gains.

OKSE adds support for Shiba Inu

OKSE Crypto Visa Card recently announced that it has added Shiba Inu, the most popular dog-themed cryptocurrency on its platform. After this development, card users from more than 170 countries will now be able to use SHIB as a form of payment in more than 60 million businesses, including online stores and E-Commerce.

The OKSE Crypto Visa Card is accepted by over 60 million visa holders and in over 170 countries, and is considered one of the easiest and fastest ways to spend crypto worldwide. OKSE Crypto Visa Card does not charge any hidden fees on any transaction and also gives its users the ability to monitor every transaction on the chain using its app. OKSE Card Application can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

On August 5, Binance Card also added support for the Shiba Inu and reported that it allows more than 60 million merchants to accept SHIB as payment.

You can follow the current price action here.

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