50% Increase: Surprise Stock Exchange Listing from Altcoin Supported by Investment Giant!

50% Increase: Surprise Stock Exchange Listing from Altcoin Supported by Investment Giant!
  • The leading US-based crypto exchange has added a new monitoring and security altcoin built by Ethereum (ETH) to its altcoin portfolio.

In a new announcement by the exchange, Coinbase Forta’s (FORT)that the company applies to “assets that are new to the platform or have a relatively low trading volume compared to the broader crypto market.” “Experimental Label” (Experimental asset) would be ready to be traded on the platform with the tag told.

50% Increase: Surprise Stock Exchange Listing from Altcoin Supported by Investment Giant!

So what is Forta? According to the project’s website, forta“DeFi [merkezi olmayan finans]NFT [değiştirilemez token]It is a cryptocurrency that brings real-time monitoring to Web 3.0 through a “decentralized monitoring network to detect threats and anomalies in real-time, governance, bridges, and other Web3 systems.”

Local presence of the platform FORTis built on Ethereum and follows the working token model; this means users must stake FORT to run nodes on the network.

Alongside the listing, Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley-based investment firm, also announced that it is spearheading the final round of funding for Forta, making the following statements about the platform:

“Redesigning cybersecurity solutions for a decentralized world is a necessary step in ensuring that technological development can move unhindered. Currently, developers have to create in-house solutions for their security operations and smart contract audits are performed as a one-time security measure.

With Forta, developers create ready-to-use, generalized security tools for the first time, allowing teams to ship faster with lower risk.

Forta, DeFi, NFT and DAO serving the entire crypto space [merkezi olmayan özerk organizasyon] It has the potential to be a basic public service that also secures ecosystems. Securing blockchains and digital assets is critical to driving mainstream crypto adoption…”

Launched less than a day ago at $0.64, Forta rose 50 percent to as high as $0.96, driven by the listing before it experienced a correction.

Trading with a decrease of about 6 percent, FORT is trading at $ 0.61 at the time of writing.

You can check the price movements here.

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