6 Deadly Candles for the symbol BIST:XU050 by psychoanalysis BIST30 / 50 BETWEEN !!! — NewsOfFinance

Good day to all friends,

Prepared by our Sayko Analysis team, they are explorer signals with 6 candle formation charts.
1 Super Fold that occurs in the daily timeframe doji It gives a signal in 1 stock in the BIST30 / 50 index of the formation.
Super Fold doji The lower and upper wick lengths of the formation are candle formations in which the body lengths are at least 2.5 times greater.
There are huge movements behind these candle formations.

1 Death Star formation, formed in the daily time frame, gives a signal in the BIST 30 / 50 index, in 1 stock. These are;

3 Growing Body Boys formations formed in the daily time frame give signals in BIST 30 / 50 index, 3 stocks;

1 Shrinking Body Lengths formation formed in the daily timeframe is in the BIST30 index, GLYHO gives signals on the stock,

Our friends who have investment positions in the above signals should be more careful.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/XU050/v566PJsO/

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