70 Billion Whale Purchased! Burns Decreased in Meme Coin

70 Billion Whale Purchased!  Burns Decreased in Meme Coin

Crypto analytics portal to CryptEye According to the report, an unknown major investor has purchased $730,000 worth of SHIB in the last 24 hours, which equates to approximately 70.86 billion SHIB. A total of $833,498 has been spent on SHIB purchases over the past seven days by this cryptocurrency whale. Besides, the investor’s portfolio has $31.15 million worth of meme coins, equal to 3 trillion SHIB.

Koinfinans.com As we reported, the purchase came on the day the SHIB price fell more than 7%. The price of SHIB, which entered the new week with a price of $ 0.000011, dropped so much that it added another zero in monetary terms. The highest value that the meme coin price reached this week was $0.00001175, while the lowest value was $0.000009993.

70 Billion Whale Purchased! Burns Decreased in Meme Coin

Even so, since yesterday’s most painful drop, an investor may have already managed to gain 2% to 3% on their purchase.

meme coin Shiba Inu

Whales’ meme coin obsession

Considering that SHIB has the largest share in the portfolio after Ethereum, it is difficult to know who this whale is and whether it is directly linked to the Shiba Inu project. to WhaleStats according to ETH cryptocurrency Among its units, SHIB accounts for 73% of the portfolio.

Additionally, the meme coin still has a large share in the portfolios of the hundred largest Ethereum whales. According to the same data, 5.11% of the total portfolio of this large group of investors is owned by SHIB, which is equivalent to $126.4 million.

SHIB’s burn rate decreased

According to data published on the Shibburn website, in the last 24 hours, various organizations and individuals in the SHIB military have placed 25,023,396 in dead-end wallets that they will be permanently locked into. SHIB token conveyed.

Shiba Inu cryptocurrency

This burn is Shiba Inu’s general breast coin burn shows a decrease of 45 percent.

The coin burning is carried out with the aim of making the canine cryptocurrency more limited and reducing the circulating supply of the Shiba Inu.

You can follow the current price action here.

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