71% of the wealthy invest in digital assets – Survey

71% of the wealthy invest in digital assets – Survey

According to the survey, almost three-quarters of high-income individuals invest in digital assets.

Technology consulting firm Capgemini released its 2022 World Wealth Report on June 14. published. It was emphasized that 2 thousand 973 high-income individuals participated in the research, 54 percent of the participants had a wealth of between 1 million and 30 million dollars, and the remaining 46 percent had a wealth of 30 million dollars or more.

In the survey; Among emerging asset classes such as digital assets, investment preferences were made in cryptocurrencies, exchange-traded funds (ETF), unique tokens (NFT), and metaverse products.

Nearly one in seven rich people investing in digital assets was under the age of 40, with a high percentage. More than nine out of ten people in this age group have invested in digital assets. The young group said that cryptocurrencies are their favorite investment, and crypto ETFs and metaverse products are also highly desirable.

However, wealthy investors are not investing heavily in digital assets. Only an average of 14 percent is allocated to “alternative investments,” which include cryptocurrencies, private equity and hedge funds, as well as commodities.

Despite this, Capgemini observed that the asset management industry was in a flow of investments towards digital assets, which “increased demand”.

Nilesh Vaidya, the firm’s head of individual wealth management, said:

The influx into new investment classes such as sustainable investment and digital assets has a significant impact on the asset management industry. Asset management firms should prioritize this trend to retain their customers.

Some companies are already leaning towards this area. They want to take advantage of the first mover in this niche sector by launching investment products for demographics.

Investment bank Morgan Stanley launched Bitcoin (BTC) options for its millionaire clients in March 2021. Those with assets of $2 million or more can invest in Bitcoin.

Similarly, Accenture said wealth management firms’ investment products containing cryptocurrencies or digital assets have been slow to roll out, with the majority having no plans to turn to related services.

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