A mini rally in altcoins is coming for the symbol CRYPTOCAP:USDT.D by BaturalpTagu? — NewsOfFinance

My thinking is in that direction.
If the usdt.d parity rises, people are switching to cash, that is, tether, so money comes out of the market. If the usdt.d parity falls, money is entering the market, vice versa.
We want money to enter the market, so the usdt.d parity should fall.
a bowl handle target completed on the chart and also bearish shark pattern, inconsistency and macd breakage, and wax structure that doesn’t look good at all.
As a final attack, he may come to test the green lines that I have indicated with arrows to confirm the fall, and that maybe.
Also, when we look at the altcoins, most of them are forming patterns/formations in or near the demand zone. btc Considering that s is in the support zone, I can say that a mini rally is coming. Of course, this is my opinion, not investment advice.
Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/USDT.D/70lu8Gh1/

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