A review of DOGEUSDT for the symbol BINANCE:DOGEUSDT by confidentzero — NewsOfFinance

🔽DOGEUSDT moves below the trend. It can test the 0.05944 support level on closes below the 0.06185 level. If it is below this level, we can see the levels of 0.5890. If it closes above the 0.06185 level, it can test the 0.06285 resistance level. If it is above this level, dogecoin We can also see 0.06370 levels. There are two important US data that will affect Bitcoin, because of bitcoin, these data are also important for other coins. If the applications to benefit from the rights of desolation are high, the coins may attack upwards as the dollar index will decrease. On the contrary, if it is low, the coins may continue to fall. Our second data is Buy Manufacturing. Taking If the principals index is positive, the dollar index will rise and the coins may continue to decline. Even if the data is negative, the index can make an upward attack 🔷
Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/DOGEUSDT/a68sbFXj/

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