A success story from aviation student to Web3 entrepreneur

A success story from aviation student to Web3 entrepreneur

Ahmet Usta, who made an interview with Cointelegraph, said that since his childhood, he was fascinated with technology, blockchain games and NFTHe talked about his life journey leading to the founding of successful Web3 projects focusing on .

Due to his passion for technology, Usta, who graduated from the aviation engineering department at Istanbul Technical University, later steered his career in the field of information technologies and took part in various enterprises.

Ahmet Usta made the following statements:

“By coincidence, I found myself working as a tech writer and editor. I have written about technology for Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey and various other publications.”

Focusing on Bitcoin, Usta followed the crypto money closely. Master, who made the first book on blockchain in the country, later took part in many events as a speaker and trainer.

In 2021, Master worked on a blockchain gaming project integrating NFTs. Ahmet Usta handed over the project to his partner to focus on a longer-term business called ELYT, which was raising new funds to connect brands and influential people to Web3 technology, shortly after it started finding success.

Asked why Web3 technologies such as NFT are important for brands, Usta said that NFT technology is more than an application and noted that it is a new way of thinking.

Usta also emphasized that the usage areas of NFTs are limited only by people’s imagination.

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Finally, Ahmet Usta, who believes that the Web3 industry hosts many opportunities; He said Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) all have many more important roles to play in the world:

“Bitcoin has enabled record keeping without the need for a centralized structure. For the first time in human history, a decentralized and trust-based protocol is made possible. And with smart contracts, Ethereum has completely transformed workflows.”

Turkish Web3 entrepreneur Ahmet Usta stated that NFTs limit the ownership of digital assets that can be replicated indefinitely, and he believes various other applications will be explored in the field. However, Usta also underlined that he believes DeFi will play a vital role in the future of finance.

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