AI searches are on top but lagging behind Bitcoin

Search interest for the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Google has set a new record. But Bitcoin in 2017 (BTC) is still far behind when compared to the peak of his madness. Artificial intelligence has been on the agenda frequently in recent months.
OpenAI executives suggested that artificial intelligence will reach expertise in many areas over the next 10 years and be as efficient as a large company.

The AI’s international and US-specific search popularity on Google (89 points on Google Trends) seems to have yet to reach the peak search popularity of Bitcoin in December 2017 (Bitcoin was worth about $20,000 at the time). Technologist Mark Schilsky stated that the popularity of artificial intelligence is still far behind Bitcoin’s huge interest in 2017.

AI searches are on top but lagging behind Bitcoin
Comparison of search trends for the words AI, metaverse, and Bitcoin over a ten-year period in the United States. Source: Google Trends

Schilisky coined the three most popular terms in the tech industry in the last 10 years. AI, metaverse And Bitcoin’I compared. bitcoin The highest search level of search volume revealed that it was higher than the highest search volume so far for AI.

China is curious about artificial intelligence, not Bitcoin

However, the results cryptocurrency It differs greatly in China, where the unit is banned and Google search is restricted. China prefers Baidu as its search engine.

According to Google Trends, in China Google Its users have been searching more for AI on a monthly basis than Bitcoin since May 2013.

AI searches are on top but lagging behind Bitcoin
Comparison of search trends for AI, metaverse and Bitcoin in China. Source: Google Trends

In which years was Bitcoin attracting attention?

Over the last ten years, there were only three instances where Bitcoin surpassed AI searches in China, and they were related to major Bitcoin-related events.

In November 2013, Bitcoin overtook artificial intelligence in search volume for the first time in China, which was followed by the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. It coincided with his then-high $300 on Gox.

In December 2017, when Bitcoin reached nearly $20,000, Bitcoin once again took the lead in search interest.

The third and most recent event occurred in February 2021, when Bitcoin rose above $43,000 after news that Tesla had purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and its decision to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

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China banned cryptocurrencies in 2021, and after this ban, online searches for cryptocurrency exchanges did not yield results, and AI searches increased again. Indeed, AI searches in China hit an all-time high in April 2023.

Finally, Chinese artificial intelligence company Flytek has launched a competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. artificial intelligence system Launched the Spark Model. Chinese officials also stressed the need to improve the security management of internet data and artificial intelligence.

Chinese officials recently held a meeting on May 30 to protect political security and improve security management of internet data and artificial intelligence. They argued that special efforts should be made. A local media outlet conveyed the general opinion with these words:

We must be prepared for the worst and extreme scenarios and be prepared to withstand major tests such as high winds, choppy waters and even dangerous storms.

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