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Alka: It made a good attack with expectations and seems to have switched to a horizontal market with the principle of selling facts.
As long as it holds above 34.82, which is our 0.6 fib line in short fib.impuls, respectively, it may want to try upwards, but the descending triangle formation appears, it may be necessary to stop below 34.82, it may want to test other fib supports, respectively. In case it goes down to the 25.70 band, it is useful to stop under it, it may want to make a new channel pull-back by getting support from the previous channel. With pull-back approval, he may want to act by getting a reaction again.
As long as the main channel remains above 28.84 according to the 0.6 fibonacci regions, I can say that it maintains its trend within the channel, otherwise the fib may regress to the 0.382 channel and want to get support from there.

I tried to interpret the stock here, they are not an investment, buy or sell advice, only expert investment advisors and expert representatives with whom you have prepared a contract can give investment advice.

If you get shares with your feelings on the right and left in Telegram groups, you will be sad, if you have just started, the development of the company you will be a shareholder of, your investments, your indebtedness status. gm or if you research and buy shares according to the ceo’s vision, it can lead you to profit.

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