APEcoin..4 HOUR SALES ZONE for the symbol BINANCE:APEUSDT by TRADERRALPER!! — NewsOfFinance

APEcoin When we look at the 4-hour chart, we have recently bitcoin with a great rise with the pump APEcoin It has now broken the major resistance area of ​​$15.30 and is trying to re-test..it gained good momentum after breaking the falling channel and at the same time it is on an uptrend…If the $15.30 band re-tests and clings, it could be a buy zone..for now It is very, very difficult for us to identify a new resistance zone for…but there is selling pressure in the $17.20 region…as for the indicators TD9 has given a red signal..this may be for re-test or it may be for harder drops…it will be determined by the buying or selling pressure at $15.30.. ZigZag on the other hand, he called the $17.20 region the peak region..this is another selling warning… volume In plus, I see a couple of red candles that have broken the average resistance…this is another sign that the selling pressure has increased…hopefully these rises will continue..OUR TELGRAM CHANNEL CONTINUES ACTIVELY..’TRADERALPER’. .. OUR YOUTUBE LIVE BROADCAST WILL CONTINUE FOR 4 DAYS A WEEK SPECIAL FOR RAMADAN.. I WAITING FOR EVERYONE..
Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/APEUSDT/PvY0N3dR/

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