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Aselsan The stock continues with a price of 26.06 with a percentage of -1.5117, contrary to the chart expectations. The Awesome Oscillator is in line with expectations at the level of 2.5222. The actual range average of 0.8491 can clinch the trend.
It is positive as 94.8173 in terms of Commodity Channel Index.

The momentum is contributing to a meaningful uptick at 2.02 point and positive resistance channel breakouts. ASELS can raise its average rating and RSI It is progressing positively as 62.9328.

ASELS In terms of stochastic K, 68.2678 gives a positive impression. ASELS In terms of stochastic D, 74.0584 is positively riveted.

ASELS bull bear strength for 2.0017 can also be said to be quite good. The last 10-day Simple Moving Average is at the desired level at 25,886.

Volatility is lower (3.6838) when we look at the weekly numbers. Relative volume is advancing (over 2) at 0.6022.

It can be seen that the Exponential Moving Average (EMA50) is losing (24,181).

22.3733 & 22.3687 can be considered as support points within the trendline.

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