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ASELSAN The country is proud of the country, but a big and heavy board according to sales and projects is open to all kinds of speculative movements but the dollar-based target is 5 dollars from the shares that have not been in the place they deserve for years, but I expect sharp corrections and withdrawals in the USDX index in the coming period if the fed ends the interest rate hike ASELSAN increases speed acceleration cci not bad obv continue to enter money The increase in volume is very good Since it is also included in BIST30, it is easily affected by the bist. I believe that it is insufficient compared to BIST movements from 200 thousand to 465 points.
I repeat, unless there is a global crisis and if the teeth don’t become a faggot, investment can be made. I think it would be beneficial to stay partially in cash in this process, but if you say you have a few pennies in the corner, you can stay untouched for a year, it is one of the solid public companies…

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