Audius (AUDIO) started the day with 35 percent: Why is it rising?

Audius (AUDIO) started the day with 35 percent: Why is it rising?

Audius, Ethereum It is a decentralized music streaming platform built on the blockchain. The project has been in the field for a long time, with plans to eliminate middlemen like record labels and streaming services by allowing artists to upload and share their music directly with their fans. Audius’ native token AUDIO on the other hand, it is used as a form of payment on the platform and also serves as a governance token, giving its holders the opportunity to vote on platform decisions.

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On the other hand, it is seen that the project has made important strides in the last period. The developers, who continue the development on the project with new partnerships, collaborations and technologies, receive the reward of this with the rises experienced by AUDIO. So much so that the local token of the project, during the day 37 percentIt managed to increase its price from $0.21 to $0.35.

However, with the subsequent corrections, it fell below the $0.30 band again. AUDIOAs of the writing of the news, it finds buyers at $0.28.

Audius (AUDIO) rose 35 percent on the day: So why?

Audius (AUDIO) has been in a steady upward trend since the beginning of 2023. The price of the token, which was at the level of $ 0.15 on January 1, first decreased, but with the rise of Bitcoin (BTC), it again exceeded the $ 0.20 band. However, the real bullish impact came after cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was added to its listing roadmap. Although the listing effect of Coinbase has been on the verge of disappearing recently, AUDIO for this effect was able to work.

Audius (AUDIO), which experienced a similar increase in its market value, experienced a growth of 35 percent with a market capitalization of over 261.5 million.

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