AVAX ‘SELL’ Signal and probable short term ‘BUY’ Position’ for the symbol BINANCE:AVAXUSDT by Monabora — NewsOfFinance

The Avax table is literally smiling. twitter In the last few weeks, crypto market phenomena have been giving places to buy on channels such as Youtube, I see that the honest phenomena that I see are still cautious. This generally means that large masses can be transferred to leveraged markets, almost digitally. lotto We have seen that it encourages you to trade as if you are playing. I see a similar situation in foreign channels such as MM crypto, which I see on channels such as reddit, and there are news such as China’s missile launch against Thailand, which I am not sure of the accuracy, but these are not reflected in the price as I expected, I suspect that this “sale” news is hidden. aroused.
When I look at the chart
If we do not see a break above the 25.47-25.50 range, I see a strong possibility of a downward move.
22.67-22.45 This is where I expect the first reaction, I will update my analysis according to the reaction from here.
Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/AVAXUSDT/7of1MrY4/

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