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It is unusual for tumosan, one of the most beautiful stocks I have seen recently in my 7-8 years of stock market, to display such an aggressive image in a short time.

I’ve put everything aside, it is exciting that a share who is suspended can react so harshly that she can’t stand still..

technically, your share is 66. 40 yes.. At first, it was not surprising that the formation of a double peak per hour and then the bad scenarios were thought.

but there is a fact that cannot be overlooked .. what is this fact ?? non-technical actions as well as someone has a serious sense of ownership of this share.. besides, his actions that you don’t need to worry about explain everything anyway.. even if you buy today, it gives you the right to sell tomorrow, if you sell tomorrow, the question mark remains in your mind from where you will buy it the next day..

I think that’s what I really want it to be. type I think that it will be better than the pain of the stable rise of the feeling, which will press down more..

We are shelving the target that we have given from 35 to 72 in my previous post, with the hope of exhibiting our new predictions for the next 95 level and beyond…

tumosan is a treasure that should be owned.. it is not just a tractor production..

I find it very valuable for myself.. 66. 40 the moment the level is destroyed, the ropes are stretched even more.. the active volume of the day before the penalty 340 mn and this is enough for him.. because their share in circulation is very small.. 66. 40 I think it’s too early to try.. but love for those who can hold it..

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