BinanceCoin weekly view for the symbol BINANCE:BNBBUSD by k_sametkaya — NewsOfFinance

Ethereum BNB, which is in the 3rd place with its market size in the crypto money market, has shown a less decrease when compared to the market, but this does not mean that this decrease will not continue. Only with the automatic burning mechanism on the project and the burning event that takes place every quarter, it maintains the course of its price in a healthy way. $152.2 where the Fibonacci retracement shows us the best areas to buy at 0.786 and $83.4 at 0.886. These levels are only bitcoin With the price below $20,000 in the decline, Bnb will also take place with a weekly close below $186. So you follow bitcoin When the pricing drops below 20 thousand, you may want to evaluate the levels I gave for Bnb. But for now, it is very clear that he is trying to hold on to the support level that appears on a weekly basis. Therefore, since I can not see a pricing below the support level, my guess is necessarily in the upward direction.
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