BIOEN for the symbol BIST:BIOEN by mynameismoneyofficial I Analyze All Stocks in Borsa Istanbul in This Series — NewsOfFinance

The turn signals are remarkable in a significant resistance and harmonics and indicators. I would wait for the MACD to recover. I used to chase targets after the place took over. For now, it is technically possible to have some more withdrawals.

Remember, if there was a constantly rising pricing, no one would lose. Use my analysis to develop strategy and learn technical analysis.
Important note: If you are going to invest 1000 shares, make it a habit not to buy x shares at a single price. It is important to keep the partial purchase cost down. You will not miss the opportunity of possible withdrawals. Think of your investment not momentarily, but at least for the medium term. Do not rush, remember, our most important motto is patience.
Time is our most precious asset. That’s why I took my time and made a contribution to you. If you do not spare your sharing and likes in return for this effort, you will help me maintain my motivation next time.
Final Note: All the details I have reported here are for educational purposes and do not include investment advice. You may incur losses in your transactions. This notice is a legal requirement.
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