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If the 50-day average is broken, there may be a decrease to our main trend below the lower point of the channel, why am I saying this? Search There was a break in the trend, we already stated that anametal stocks should be avoided. eregl isdmr krdmd especially when you look at the candles in these eregl As a result, it is obvious that there is serious foreign pressure, and as a result, these stocks lower the index and the sales deepen as they accompany it in other stocks.
Is it possible? On the US side, nasdaq reached its 200-day average, if it stays above it, we may have activity after 16.30, otherwise sales will deepen. Even if the ones who are in solid stocks lose 10-20%, when the time comes, they will find out more than 90 TL in the near future. tuprs 15-16 TL to buy thyao Those who are afraid to buy now ask us to take their 2-3x 😉
If we fall, cash and nice companies are ready, they can do a little intimidation and go up. In the 90s, there was such a move at the time of high inflation, is it possible now?
We have ammo, we have a process on 33 boards, a kisser will kiss us 3-5, so let’s not curse in the comments section 😉

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