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Hello Friends,

In my previous post Bollinger I warned that the tape was stuck and a rough move would come soon, and that move came to the downside. I hope you took your precautions and were not affected by the fall.

There is 18,300 support now, if it is broken, there is another support at 17,600 level. If the room is broken, it is unclear where Bitcoin will go, as there is no other support point.

AlphaTrend direction is negative in 4 hour, Daily and Weekly, Sell status in all of them.

In conclusion, friends;

Right now, waiting in Nakit is the right thing for me. If the trend direction gives Buy (Buy) for at least 4 hours, then you can take a risk and open a trade. If the trend direction changes in the diary, we already start to win.

Unfortunately, the bear market continues. The market direction seemed to change at 24,000 thousand, but the Whales constantly intervened in Bitcoin and lowered the price here and it seems like they will pull it down even more.

Therefore, we will determine our position according to the data from the instant tracking of Bitcoin.

Because the direction of the market can change with a sudden rise or fall.

The last word is if you are going to open a trade right now, be very, very careful.

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