Bitpanda aims to attract crypto investors to TradFi

Bitpanda aims to attract crypto investors to TradFi

Vienna-based fintek unicorn Bitpanda is returning to traditional finance (TradFi) methods with new offerings on its exchange platform.

By adding commodities to its current list of investment options, Bitpanda aims to enable users to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations in more traditional instruments such as oil, gas and wheat.

Bitpanda CEO Eric Demuth told Cointelegraph that the line between TradFi and DeFi is starting to fade day by day due to investor demand.

“People want to trade in multiple asset classes in a simple, secure and convenient way, and TradFi seems to fit the idea well.”

There are many lessons to be learned in both financial areas about what benefits consumers the most. While TradFi takes a cue from DeFi in terms of accessibility, DeFi has a lot to learn from traditional financial mechanisms when it comes to risk mitigation:

“TradFi is focused on expanding its accessibility and there is still a long way to go before it can claim the same level of usability and accessibility offered by fintechs.”

Opening trading opportunities in assets such as commodities on a digital asset exchange can serve as a gateway to traditional tools for crypto investors:

“Crypto investors tend to be involved in tradable markets. Investors also appreciate the simplicity offered by platforms that allow them to invest in multiple asset classes quickly and easily.”

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