Good day crypto lovers. An interesting similarity caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you. Human psychology almost always works the same in the bottoms. So far, 14 weeks have passed since the $ 17,600 level. RSI seems to have bottomed out at that level. It also started to give positive dissonance at the bottom. On the right side of the chart is the 2015 bear season segment, which has made 90% similar moves so far. In that section, the RSI level gave a positive dissonance at the bottom 18 weeks later, the price bottomed out for the last time, but the RSI did not make a new bottom, gave a positive dissonance and the price started to climb upwards. I see it as login confirmation.)
$28,000 level BTC I think it is a very critical region for Turkey and it is a region where hard movements will be seen. Since the similarity in the 2 graphs is the same for me until now, I do my transactions accordingly.
As I said in the fundamental analysis section of my previous posts, I expect the effects of interest and inflation to decrease in February 2023. I can consider it. Why do we say BTC Considering that the movement will be more dominant, I do not expect big increases in altcoins except for those that diverge from altcoins. Already, most of the small outside investors should see an increase in the range of 5x to 20x in order to reach the cost. BTC altcoins will advance when they rally and handle market dominance, but it may take a while for altcoins to arrive as they fall more at the slightest correction of BTC. If you are lucky, you will escape in 1 hour like UNFI 🙂 In order to predict the future, it is necessary to consider the conditions of that time.
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