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The H4 range where the price has been stubbornly moving for more than three weeks.
After the fascinating liquidation of all longists (those expecting growth to continue above 31,000) by the one-hour candle, an imbalance occurred at the lower boundary of the H4 range and I decided to study it.
However, he predicted the development of events for Monday, when all markets will be active and volumes will come.
Long awaited entry point, I didn’t expect there would be an activation over the weekend but it did 🙂
M15 unbalance test and instant recoil like a spring to the first target.
The entry point is excellent, the price action potentials are good.
I will close the targets in the H4 range and slightly higher at the unclosed potential of the previous H4 range (31744)

Another target (additional order) as an experiment is 34400.
Something tells me that this will be the last long in our current H4 range, after which the price will break it and fly off to test the resistance of D1.
The price fell a lot below the First Buyer of stock options. (and this is currently 31500)

  • The purchase price is below the market opening price. (✔️)
  • The purchase price is at the lower end of the H4 range. (✔️)
  • The buy price is below the volume bearish candle. (✔️)
  • Unbalance at the lower limit of the M15 H4 range. (✔️)

entry point: 30160 (in unbalance test)
stop: 29971
tp3: 31121
tp4: 31744
tp5: 34400

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/oUZqHuPP/

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