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The descending wedge since August 18. Our instrument, which makes up the upper region, has been testing the 20’s of the wedge for hours, but it has been unsuccessful.

As of August 1, we draw the support area of ​​the descending wedge and we see that this support has been played 5 times, my dear friends (22-21-19), they are the working areas.

descending wedge color white I wanted to share the chart with you as well, and I think it will fail -1

If we look at the support areas, the resistances are the yellow lines. It is our support area that has worked 5 times in 18.5 units at 4 hour and 1 day pitch. This region is the end point of our alcanal region. They are the most risky points. I can hear you ask why.. I think that if the descending wedge hangs below 18 units and adds candles in 4 hours, it will bring excessive sales for big players. purchase The big players who want to turn the region into an opportunity and want it to fall to 17 and 16 are quite a lot, and a negative score among alt coins….. -2

My brother, who says you are making a very bad comment, is there no positive news, if it comes wrinkled, at the most Search The room that can go up to support is 22 units. But I don’t think it will set the wedge.. sorry…

stoch if. As you can see, I made an adjustment between 0 and 100 units, not 20 and 80 at the bottom, and I think I reduced the margin of error a little more by only using the d value… As much as the previous rsi level white Even though our stock line has risen, we see that there is still a bearish direction on the chart on your screen and it is preparing for a fall again. stoch We can also understand from-3

Hull ma indk is still trying to break polling +1

If you think the opposite of what I said, please ignore it….
Definitely not investment advice, but my study notes.
We greet our instrument with 3 – and 1+

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