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friends make a prediction before the prices reach certain levels and if the prices have reached the levels you want, it is inevitable to buy. For example, it is a strategy example, now it’s time to buy for me. The 20,000 and 10,000 bands are the most suitable for me to buy. tape , tape I say, to apply the gradual buying strategy, let’s say I made the first purchase from here, then if the green line is broken up, I will buy 2, buy 0.50. I btc good I don’t sell, I just buy .. don’t stress, relax. 90 thousand is above as the target. When I get there, I’ll empty my hand of 0.75. With the remaining 0.25, think as if he can go wherever he wants and broadcast wide-time, like 1-2-3 years, nothing happens from evening to morning, everything happens over time. ..then this place was mulberry btc About 20,000 conversations begin. I don’t like to talk nonsense. I don’t give investment advice. I just share my own strategies.
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