BTC DOWNWEDGE for the symbol BINANCE:BTCUSDT by MahoniSupra UPDATED — NewsOfFinance

If you examine the previous post, a small descending triangle was formed for the first time within the large descending triangle, and as a result, the formation worked. There was an increase from the 18k region to 22.5k, but it could not break the resistance of the large descending wedge.

(US Inflation data caused this, is it a coincidence that these events happened in the full resistance zone?)

Today, the Fed will announce its interest rate decision at 21:00, my guess is 100. base the future DXY it is already crazy in this scenario, there is no money left in the market, even if the big descending triangle breaks down, it can create a new bottom here and give the direction upwards.

Think of it as a millionaire, the interest you will receive from the bank is a payment you will receive by waiting for the maturity,
Also, the alt coins that are in places are in a position to make 2x 3x very quickly and easily.

Even bears can turn bulls, the market is now a spin-off, a place to make money, but it is a big gamble and everyone who enters this market stays in their minds even if they exit. they will go back to where they are addicted.

Note: a decrease may come with the fed, I am not saying buy or sell, the new bottom is 16k, I do not expect gold, a mega bull can be 3 4 days from here, with a decrease again, I say a clean crypto season will begin after the market is cleared because now more people btc there will not be thousands of certain people, crypto will be cleared from these people who bring the bear market with their only sales, collect what you can collect as small fish in the last drop with the mega bull. It is not investment advice.

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