Btc Target for symbol BINANCE:BTCUSDT by ataxia4 contains 78k irony — NewsOfFinance

(Half of the country is tiktokers, the other half is youtubers. Half of youtubers are traders.)

btc The first target that has fully completed the elyot Bilamne formation is the Fibonaççi intersection, the next target is Kukaraçça Boulevard. Whales get shiba in a huge amount, but when this is taken, its quantity should decrease and the price should increase, but if whales buy it, it does not increase. look you to that job. Our target area is 32K first, then 100K when it comes to Fibonacci, but I specified the support point, it can fall down from there, it can come out, the great spirit says so, I made a lot of drawings, I combined the formation, I crashed, I fell, there are 2 possibilities left.
It will either come off or fall.

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