BTC/USDT Possible price action expectation for the symbol HUOBI:BTCUSDT by emirhanhzm — NewsOfFinance

I expect the price to pull back towards the liquidity areas where it left above, but the downtrend of the market still looks strong. I think that after clearing the liquidity at 16200 levels, the upward movement will start after the movement takes the liquidity in the 0.5 region. BEYOND region can be included in the transaction

The region where I expect a possible return after the price’s upward movement and the clearing of the upper liquidities is the region that it left at 11:00 on 13 September. IMB A downward movement after the filling of the zone can be foreseen, if the inclusion zone is just below the filling point of the imbalance zone, if it is TP, if the price has left liquidity behind, those points can be targeted; otherwise, gradual profit can be taken in the HL-LL zones

If there is a place on the chart that I haven’t seen or made a mistake, please let me know as a comment. I’m new to this business and I’m trying to improve myself. It doesn’t hurt to gain different perspectives after all 🙂

The ideas and analyzes I have stated in this chart are for note purposes for my own education, they do not contain any investment advice, I save them so that I can look back later.

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