BTC Weekly Chart for the symbol KRAKEN:BTCUSD by Timpariyet

BTC Looking at the weekly candlestick linear chart, we observe two channel structures based on candle closings. One is a large ascending channel and the other is a small descending channel. As of this week, it is seen that we broke the big channel down, and we broke the middle band of the small channel down. According to these channel structures, the critical weekly closing levels are as follows:

26100 : Weekly closing above this is very important, because we both re-enter the channel from the lower band of the big channel and go back to the middle band of the small channel.

16800 : Weekly close below this is very dangerous as it will both break the lower band of the minor channel and break a very critical parallel support level.

If this week closes between these two values, it is necessary to look at the critical levels in the new week with the same perspective, but I still think that these levels that I have mentioned will be valid more or less.

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