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Hello, first of all I wish everyone a good weekend. Today we are going to talk about a topic that almost everyone is curious about the answer to. Even people who are new to the market for the past few days have “tobo” on their tongue. No, his goal is here and there, I will never get into those conversations because this is not our main topic. Our main topic is whether that tobo will work or not. What should I do after not working? If it is on everyone’s lips, I will not cut off the subject like the people who do not come. There is no such rule, do not listen to them. Those who say that it will not come if it is on everyone’s tongue will come if they say it will not come if they are in the majority in monetary terms. Here, the best thing to do to predict whether a technique will work is to think like a market maker. Considering that you have been replaced by mm, you should look at it realistically. I’ve told you this many times, and I’m telling you now, maybe you get bored, but that’s the point of this job, this is mathematics. Two plus two equals four, and in this market, liquidity is the most important issue that will lead us to the right conclusion. And to understand liquidity, the importance of liquidity, you have to understand how to think like a market maker. That’s why I always try to instill that. Because this is the way to make money. It is clear that someone who does not understand liquidity cannot make a sustainable profit from this market. There are people who just trade it as a concept and earn a living that way. The logic is very simple. Doing the moves made by the market maker, not contradicting it.

Now, for example, those who look at this graph are divided into two. One side examines with classical technical analysis methods, where the first thing that catches your eye is tobo. Therefore, these people expect the price to rise up to 26K levels. When those on the other side look at the image on this chart, they see an unhealthy rise and untapped liquidity. Because they focus on mm’s game plan, not oboya tobo. The only rule for this is to be a realist, to analyze from a realist point of view. If you see it as you want to see it, at the end of the day you will see PNLs with lots of zeros, but with lots of zeros on the reverse 🙂 At the time, I also talked about support and resistance, trend breaks etc. I made big mistakes like opening a trade. People learn by making mistakes. You can’t learn that supports are no different from cotton without seeing a bear market. Likewise, sometimes you can’t learn that resistances are just called resistance without seeing the bull season. So we can’t leave it to chance, our business is not with support and resistance, our business is not with classical ta formations or harmonics. Our job is to understand the psychology of the market and the plan of mm. Here btc When I was in the 42Ks, I had torn myself for days, weeks, in case a drop would come. Some people kept saying that there is support here and there is support here. Some of them made drawings that were completely imaginary. gas kept giving. They were ignoring the underlying imbalances, liquidity and fomo environment, and on top of that, they were mocking those who disagreed with them. I waited patiently, we waited. And thankfully, despite the empty criticisms, I had the justified happiness of not selling dreams and hopes to anyone, and of preventing many people from suffering even greater harm. Believe me, it wasn’t hard to guess. Think of liquidity as the diesel of a car. If the price is constantly rising, no matter what product it is, there is a serious problem. The diesel of the market ends at such a point that it makes three more bottoms from where you thought it was the bottom. In order not to be liquidity in the market maker, we have to understand liquidity. Anyway, I don’t want to prolong the talk any more, for those who understand, they say mosquito and saz, to those who don’t understand, drums and horns are less. All I can say is that everything is clear, I think the consequences of entering the bull expectation will be heavy when the world economy, the so-called global economy, has not even recovered yet. Never forget that money is not only made when markets are rising. In this process, while the markets were falling, all the people who could look at the market from both directions printed money. It is not a very difficult thing to look at the market from both sides. I know that many people are so wrong now that there are those who want to believe that the bull has come, even if it is false. There are those who say that they will come to my cost and I will sell them and leave. But rest assured, none of these are excuses. You can easily make up for the loss you incur from the spot, by taking some training from free sources in this process, by opening transactions according to the market structure on the futures side. But education first. When you search for price action lessons from Yt, you can find more resources than you want, or technical analysis lessons or harmonic formation lessons etc.. You just want to learn. But don’t forget to blend what you’ve learned with what I’m talking about here. Because liquidity is everything. I wish everyone a prosperous, healthy and good day…

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