Burn of 46 Million: Meme Coin Burn Rate Jumped 73%

Burn of 46 Million: Meme Coin Burn Rate Jumped 73%

As reported by close watcher Shibburn, last week the Shiba Inu community announced that it will remove close to 200 million meme coins from the circulating supply. succeeded. “Amazon SHIB burner” was also among the contributors to the weekly meme coin burn. The platform, which organizes burning events through Amazon, plans to burn “more serious amounts of Shiba Inu”.

Nearly 200 million Shiba Inu removed from circulation

According to a recent tweet shared by Shibburn, the SHIB army totaled 163,977,849 from the circulating supply last week. shiba inu managed to get it out. On a daily basis, the highest amounts burned were around 30-40 million meme coins.

Burn of 46 Million: Meme Coin Burn Rate Jumped 73%

On the other hand, with 46,010,480 SHIB moved to unused addresses in the last 24 hours (SHIB burn rate increased by 73% because of this), all burns amount to just over 200 million meme coins.

Increase in Shiba Inu meme coin burn rate

Ambitious plans of “Amazon SHIB burner”

Representing the online store of Travis Johnson, the maker of Shib burn games for smartphones, the “Shib Super Store” announced its weekly SHIB burn share via its Twitter account. According to a recent tweet, the platform managed to lock 19,207,683 SHIBs in a dead wallet this time.

Earlier this year, the “Shib Super Store” started using the Amazon affiliate program to sell various things at this e-commerce giant. Koinfinans.com As we reported, commission fees from the sale are used to buy and burn SHIB. Saying that Christmas is now over, Travis Johnson encouraged his SHIB-loving followers to help “a serious SHIB burn.”

You can follow the current price action here.

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