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First of all, I would like to remind you that my study is not an investment, buying or selling advice, but a graphic price analysis study.

In this work Eplas I looked at the chart. Due to the fact that the company has been traded on the stock market for a long time, I was hesitant to analyze the share daily and weekly.
There is a lot of data and formations to be explained in the chart. But since I was confused about which one to share, I simply wanted to convey the current situation.

The stock is trading below the two hundred-day moving average and appears to be making consolidation movements. ( Blue mean)

I think that the breakdown direction of the structure, which resembles the triangle formation that I have indicated with black trend lines in the daily period, is important.

Volumetric recovery in weekly and daily data draws attention. For this reason this if the direction of the breakdown is up; When we combine it with the positive signs in the volumetric data, we can talk about the start of a new uptrend.

The work I do is a sharing made for educational purposes without expecting any benefit. Expressing your likes or dislikes in the comments, pressing the like button honors us and encourages new shares.


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