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I continue my detailed analysis in BTC based on your feedback. For some followers, short analysis may be better, but I think that detailed analysis will do better in this market. As for BTC. BTC It is stuck at major resistance 27.831 and is trying to break through. Besides, this breakdown MACD And RSI does not support.

Bollinger On the other hand, things followed an upward trend without touching the same middle bollinger, but in this type of movements, a return starts before it touches the upper band. The upper band is currently at 28,539. I think there will be a movement towards the middle band, which means a pullback towards 26,815 for us.

EMA The 20 has acted as a strong support for us on this uptrend and is currently located around 26,775. If this EMA target if level 20 is broken EMA It regresses to the 50 level of 25,834 but I don’t think that will ever happen. BTC after some horizontal movement EMA As it rises above the 50 level, the orange will want to test the uptrend. Weekly, if a close at this level comes EMA 100 will be broken which will affect the bullish a lot and the break will not be too hard to come by RSI supports this breakdown. Note that this line was last broken on the downside at $36,000.

in 4 hours RSI It gives a sell signal and has turned the direction down. Besides, there is an ascending top in 4 hours, but a descending top is formed in the RSI, so there is a negative dissonance. This discord seems to trigger a decline.

We saw a little pullback after the sell signal on the MACD, but we didn’t see it fully. This is normal because the market is not showing a strong move in the negative direction. If it goes like this BTC It can give a strong buy signal in about 12 hours in 4 hours. We’ll see if that happens.

As I said, there is no signal blocking the rise of BTC daily and weekly, and the direction seems to be up. Apart from these, I think that heavy long transactions will be tried to be frightened by a 5-6% withdrawal. Other than that, there isn’t much of a problem. The mismatch in the 4-hour RSI is a bit important, but we’ll see if it works. Especially with the closing of this day, the weekly closing will be very important. If there is a closing in this direction, the direction is given up even more sharply.

If you liked my analysis, please share it with me in the comments. Good luck to everyone.

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