By emreozmertt Is the #BTC Bearish season over for the symbol BINANCE:BTCUSDT? — NewsOfFinance

In my previous analysis, I said that a head-to-shoulder formation can be formed on the daily and their targets are $12-13,000, but at the same time, they can hit the $18,500 levels. It rose up to about 18.300 and continues its movements in the range of $ 19.500-18.500. There is also the formation of a double bottom formation here. FED 75 base If it goes up by points, I think the market, which is likely to form a double bottom, priced it in, and this formation target is about $ 30,000. If it goes to this target, we have a chance of having a mini bull. Also, if $24,500-25,000 is broken weekly, I don’t think it will make a new bottom again. We will come to the end of the month and the bull entrance process. (Unless there are negative news such as war, crisis, etc.)
only 100 base If there is a point increase, the shoulder head shoulder formation will enter the table. In such a case, the target is $12-13,000 as I said before.
What do you think will happen?
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