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there is neither volume nor new investors in a period of almost 2 months, we keep moving back and forth,
I just need a spark, the investors who will light the fire of that spark, the investors they have locked up from the hills they left inside,
there is still a 14-12K expectation in the markets most investors are waiting for these regions to enter the trade,
Didn’t the kripro exchange always leave the investor wrong??? why come the 14-12K that everyone is waiting for,,
Is there any guarantee that the market will return if it reaches these levels..
make sure 14-12K levels come, 8K players will come in this time, 8K will come, 4K guys will come next..
There were always those waiting in this downward direction and there will always be..
this market has a reverse side… so far nobody has found bottom levels, likewise nobody has been able to sell from the top..
The most logical thing is to reduce the average and increase the number at every opportunity, of course, the market will return, and in that turn, you will have lowered the average from places close to the bottom regions.
and when the rally comes you’ll be one step ahead,
I wrote in the group 2 days ago..
#akita coin I had almost 10X loss, I added on every decrease, I lowered the average and reduced the cost from 10x to -30%
and suddenly he made 60% profit #my balance is 60% profit from 10x loss..
***Stay away from groups such as SIGNAL, PUMP, DUMP, LEVER, etc. Again, the final decision is always yours.

Have a good week everyone and good luck..

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