By ExpertCoinBilgi there is no problem for the symbol BINANCE:BTCUSDT as long as it doesn’t slide below the trend — NewsOfFinance

Yesterday the #FED interest rate decision was exactly what the market wanted,
but the market is falling for some reason,
just ask the question, do these guys splurge on money,
Some painful and boring days will continue, let’s agree on this before the market will come out all of a sudden.
1 in a single candle if those who manage the market want min They can also bring the price to 70K.
ok, when the price comes to 70K, will everything be rosy, no.. there must be an investor who will sell the goods when the price is taken there.
There are no investors in the market at the moment, unfortunately, do not be fooled by the rise in the market, bots are trading among themselves,
The rising trend line I drew last week still works. when? #btc if the day closes under the trend, then the trend will be broken
and the famous 14K people celebrate..
As long as the trend is not broken, there is no problem…
Unfortunately, it is not easy to make money, we see together that the men pass through the market even when they make a profit of 3 cents.
FOMO is needed for the market to rise, the investor inside needs to make money so that he can advertise..
As long as the investor who stays inside does not make money, neither the rally will come nor the bull. The only condition is that the investor who buys the goods from the top and stays at a loss makes money..
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