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Hello ;

Petkim 1 hour Chart macd Its level came down to the signal, and it cut upwards in the 30-minute chart. The Tobo formation formed in 1 hour did not go unnoticed. Not Investment Advice.

First of all, I would like to point out that no indicator, no formation or any of the auxiliary setups that can be associated with any other; It doesn’t work 100%.
It just gives an idea of ​​the price movements.
The chart here is just a personal market idea and is not a recommendation.

The market discounts everything;
Since the first day of his existence, man has been in the struggle to define the events taking place around him, to associate them with each other and to base them on a rational cause-effect relationship. Technical Analysis methods are not only a source to help us understand the market, but also an effort to make sense of price movements and the market, including human nature and psychology.
Determine your bias (price direction), set up your setup, enter your stop loss, enter your take profit zone.
I wish you lots of luck and success.

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