By SadiFx_ for the symbol BIST:GSDDE, GSDDE sailed from stagnant waters to choppy seas..Season2 — NewsOfFinance

GSDDE weekly. note to self=YTD
He completed his analysis task dated 1.11.22. Season 2 has started.
Technically, that’s the way it is, because that’s the data-limited expectation.
Of course, we do not know whether it will go away, but apart from the upcoming elections, with the company’s good balance sheet expectation, the bist strengthens the technique a little bit. These are assumptions, and it’s a long process..if you’re in profit, withdrawing the main capital and continuing with profit will relieve sleep. or trace continue with an ongoing stop.
The sea does not know what it will do, it becomes a current, a whirlpool, a storm. Being a good swimmer doesn’t work sometimes!

Let’s watch..

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