by script BIST:YKSLN for YKSLN symbol


Rising Steel – We are on the daily chart.
With the last correction made towards the bull trend that started on February 25, 2022, it received a positive reaction from here. YKSLN As of yesterday, it managed to surpass EMA21.
At the same time, on 12 September, it was found to cross the resistance zone (10.20) again.

With these positive data, let’s touch on the points that can meet us as resistance in the upper regions.

The arrows on the chart show where the Fibonacci retracement levels are drawn from.
Although the graph is log fibonacci levels lin**** this is my own approach, You can choose a different strategy.

Based on these levels: Fib 1.618: 10.55
The break of fib1.618 may lead us to make predictions for the above GAP to be taken, which points to the 11.30 Region.

I have briefly summarized the support and resistance points on the chart.

Good luck.

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