by seyficeyli Is HFTUSDT a New Aptos for the symbol BINANCE:HFTUSDT? — NewsOfFinance

in the diary HFTUSDT The recently increased volume in the currency pair, a new Aptos ( APTUSDT ) created the idea that it could be a coin with enthusiasm. Here, the increased volume zigzag or after a daily rise, it is not in the form of a dream, but increases as a parabolic curve. Also, the falling parallel channel was broken, there was a fake inward swing and then it rose again.

I am thinking of buying this parity with medium term investment logic rather than trade logic. So I’m going to add on each of the black horizontal lines and follow the crossing of the red resistors. Of course, my ultimate goal is around $30, albeit a little crazy right now. Is it obvious, maybe a new OSMOUSDT we get it.
We are learning together. I am open to any developer and tutorial comments.

The ideas contained herein are not investment advice, but a note to myself for follow-up purposes.

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