Cardano surpasses Bitcoin in global brand affinity list

Cardano surpasses Bitcoin in global brand affinity list

Blockchain developer Cardano represents the crypto space in a top position in a new report on global brand affinity. According to the report of brand relations agency MBLM, Carsano ranks 26th among 600 brands and is at the top of the crypto industry.

brand affinity, in the report It is defined as “the emotional attachments that brands can create in their user base and audience”. MBLM; He used artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies to understand the customer relationships of the world’s leading brands such as Disney, Tesla and Apple.

Among the 19 industries analyzed, crypto was in the top 10. Cardano leads the crypto category, followed by Bitcoin, which ranks #30 overall. As for other crypto brands, Uniswap is ranked #261 and Solana is #265.

Compared to last year, Cardano not only topped the list, but also topped both lists.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Cardano Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson said the company was founded with the belief that everyone is equal and should live in a just society. According to Hoskinson, Cardano also works towards this goal with decentralization and merit.

β€œThe nice thing here is that it doesn’t require a founder, a specific culture or country. There are people from more than 100 different countries working together for this purpose in the Cardano ecosystem.”

Surprised by the ranking of Cardano surpassing well-established brands such as Google and eBay, a Twitter user said that Cardano, “on the same field as the big boys”, could not be the stuff of internet jokes. told.

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