Collaboration with Historic Brand from Popular Metaverse Coin!

Collaboration with Historic Brand from Popular Metaverse Coin!
  • Renault, a historic brand in the automotive industry, has partnered with a popular metaverse altcoin to bring the automotive experience to the metaverse.

Renault’s Korean subsidiary, Ethereum-based crypto project to enter the metaverse space Sandbox has partnered with announced. With this partnership, Renault Korea’s goal will be to establish a brand presence in the metaverse and to provide customers with Renault-based virtual automotive experiences.

Renault enters metaverse via Sandbox

Renault, one of the largest automotive companies in the world, to take part in the virtual metaverse world. The Sandboxwill use . The company’s Korean subsidiary will be responsible for building its brand presence in space through a series of automotive-related events to introduce virtual customers to the company’s products.

Collaboration with Historic Brand from Popular Metaverse Coin!

These automotive experiences aim to enrich The Sandbox platform and enable Renault’s products to reach a wider audience by expanding the potential customer base. Cindy Lee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea, said about the collaboration:

“This partnership is an excellent example of working together. Sandbox is a platform that can grow without considering industrial boundaries. At The Sandbox, we will be able to deliver new types of experiences that combine cars and digital assets.”

While the scope of the collaboration and the nature of the experiences it will create have not yet been disclosed, in this way Renault has joined the ranks of companies and individuals who have already established themselves on the Ethereum-based metaverse platform.

Automotive brands enter the popular crypto industry

Renault is not the first automaker to aim to place products in the metaverse. Even the metaverse for a long time has become a popular target for these companies. Volkswagen even ran an ad campaign in April called “Game On,” in which users had to hunt down NFTs in a metaverse setting.

Japanese automaker Nissan has used the metaverse to help launch one of its newest electric cars, the Sakura. The company has set up a virtual world where potential customers can study its features and shapes, and choose and drive a car. According to Nissan, the experience provided “an opportunity to connect with new audiences like never before.” The company also said it’s excited about what’s next and will continue to develop new digital approaches for its products.

Hyundai is also presenting future mobility experiences in a virtual engine studio located in the metaverse world Zepeto, managed by Naver Z.

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