Detailed Analysis of Bist100 for the symbol BIST:XU100 by Bullfighterr — NewsOfFinance

Dear friends,

I wanted to share with you what can be expected from us in the short term and medium term in particular Bist100.

TL based psychological resistance 5000 (we can see this week). However, I tried to explain what the technical data tells us when my tongue turns.

On the USD-based graph, 262 points is an important point for us in the study I made on October 18, 2022. pivot I said region and we came here. As you know, pivots are very important for determining price movements. I tried to explain to you what can be expected from us both ways.

In summary, I expect a correction in the short term and an upward trend in the medium term, especially in USD. I hope you will listen without getting bored.

I will be waiting for your comments and criticisms below.

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