DOHOL for the symbol BIST:DOHOL by BorsaCentral shows the latest price from 5.19 with a percentage of 1.3672 — NewsOfFinance

DOHOL shows the final price from 5.19 with a percentage of 1.3672. A positive future 0.2119 is received from the Awesome Oscillator. The mean of the true range is at a significant level of 0.2732.

When we look at the commodity oscillator, we observe that it moves in the -84.6491 channel. Volatility increased unexpectedly (3,5785).

The relative volume metric (better than 2) is hovering at 0.8871.

It can be seen that the exponential moving average (50 days) represents a loss (4.7599). It can be said that the support points are 5.00 & 4.9. It’s been a while since you sold it, so we look at it neutrally.

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