DZGYO Can Create Symmetrical Triangle for BIST:DZGYO by javaci88 — NewsOfFinance

The base looks good. It managed to stay above the resistance, stayed above all averages, and continues on its way.

I don’t know if it can do the symmetrical triangle formation, but for now it can be traced to the downtrend.

If it manages to stay above the downtrend (weekly close(s)), we will follow it towards the 1 (3.61) and 1.618 (4.58) fibo resistances, respectively.
If it stays above 4.58 (1.618), we will watch it towards 2.618 and formation target.

If it stays under the downtrend, maybe it can drop to the rising trend and give a buying opportunity.

As long as the balance sheets come like this, medium-long term can be kept.

It is not investment advice.

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