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DZGYO It is our share that keeps our loved ones waiting for a long time and at the same time saddens their loved ones. supports 1.95 – 2.07 – 2.27, resistances are considered as 2.67 – 3.07 – 3.27. clumsy GANN According to Özcan Özbek’s sour cherry strategy, in the chart drawn according to the technique of drawing. Considering the double top formation, it can see 2.20. GAP receive It can also go down to between 1.98-2.01. We will follow the unpredictable stocks and observe the contribution of our predictions to our education.

The stock I share here does not mean that I am buying or selling in any way. Do not think of it as a buy-hold-sell recommendation in any way, and act according to your risk. Responsibility belongs to you. It is important for you to like the shares and follow the account for the continuation of the shares. It is purely my notes that I keep for education. Our like button is at the bottom right of the graphic :))

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Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/DZGYO/UL3JQIux/

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