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To be honest, it’s a feeling that I think is very instructive in a personal sense.. Tell me what’s ahead of us, what is your opinion, what’s your opinion. If you say never mind the past, skip Chapter 1, don’t read it..

Part 1
It has been traded on the stock market for a little over a year.
-First of all, when I look at the short term from the big picture, the first month it started to be traded, it went from 6 to 19, 200%.

-When you look later, it looks like you have a Tobo cup handle formation, even if it doesn’t fit, while making 26.88 th. While it seems to be doing ATH on TL basis with the effect of it, tobo actually made a double peak and entered the correction, and couldn’t get approval.. At least that’s how I see it..

-As of February 22, it entered a triangle formation in a falling trend.. By breaking it down, the book was closed in the story, which actually continued very well. In fact, the bottom of the bottom is back to where it started at 0.77 cents, at the initial transaction price..

-July 6 bottom tobo goal was completed on September 6, with a price of 17.43..

-It seems that in the correction on the stock market on September 13, it broke the rising channel downwards and started to form a new formation..
Chapter 2

In my personal opinion, technology and software companies will announce the most profit in the last quarter. E-DATA I think that s will try to follow the graphical formations in its flow according to BIST 100 until the end of the year, especially until January. In this sense, the target of 19.23 may come first. However, if we see a correction in the index, especially in November. white I think it can test the supports indicated by the arrows. Especially looking at this year’s figures, it seems that it is one of the rare companies that do not have debt. With the last quarter balance sheet to be announced in January, I will wait for the targets of 23-27-36 with the target of 2 dollars, which he made before. In the short term, daily SALES medium term, last quarter of January BUY for…

I tried to tell the story of the stock for myself.. Things that are not completely personal investment advice.. You definitely have it, I expect you to add what you want to add, I will be enlightened..

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/EDATA/6dRu7uCp/

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