#EGEEN for the symbol BIST:EGEEN by BrankoPetruci

Dear friends,

EGE Industry is a stock that I have been buying and selling for years but no longer buy and sell. Anyone who knows my portfolio of “1000”s knows. We had tremendous profits from them. 🚀🚀

The most eminent player of this group is always EGEN has been. Now take a look at these ratios

All ratios are 2-3 times higher than they should be. Return on equity is about to beat inflation, which is one of the few companies that can. 💪🏼

Leverage is below 50%. (Please research and learn what these ratios mean the most. Do not invest, do not participate in the public offering without learning the balance sheet of a company, historically examining these ratios for at least 3 years.) 😉

So, let’s not touch the ratios. 41x🧿

Technical Data:

-He broke the channel he had created for a while last week and started a new upward rally. 🚀

-So far from their average, RSI He did a very strong bull run and I think he was tired. 😮‍💨

MacD balance moved away from the line, but gave the green light and heralded a medium-term rise.

– If we look at the candles, some of them were satisfied with the profit and started sales. Well, there might be a nice fix.

-How far? I think the healthy one is around 3,000 ₺. But the market knows this, we follow it. 👍

After this process is completed, if we consider the HBK and P/E with a quarterly profit of approximately 220 Million ₺ in the 4th quarter, my target will be 4.000 ₺, my friends.

What more? Thus, we close the year with approximately 50% profit.

Let’s see if it will do justice to its balance sheet.

We are sick 😉☀️✨

Can you also write your goals in the comments with reasons? 🙏🏼

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/EGEEN/Y6K81xW2/

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