Elon Musk Followed That Crypto Exchange, Altcoin Price Jumped!

Elon Musk Followed That Crypto Exchange, Altcoin Price Jumped!

Elon Musk, cryptocurrency exchange OKX He followed his Twitter account. This move of Musk is actually unexpected because he does not even follow Binance and its CEO, who supported $ 500 million when buying Twitter.

Local token after reports that Musk is following the OKX cryptocurrency exchange OCDrose from $22.7 to $23.99. Also, the EVM-compatible blockchain OKX Chain (OKT) featured on Cosmos also gained 5.92% and is trading at $26.90.

Elon Musk Followed That Crypto Exchange, Altcoin Price Jumped!

Cryptocurrency community is debating whether this unexpected move represents a potential acquisition.

As Koinfinans.com previously reported, OKX announced the FLOKI listing and came to the fore. The listing begins today, while withdrawals will be activated tomorrow.

FLOKI, on the other hand, was a project introduced in honor of Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu dog. The ecosystem, which has made a name for itself in the blockchain world as well as collaborations with big brands, is a player with high potential. On the other hand, the follow-up of Elon Musk immediately after this listing news excited the community.

In addition, OKX will also launch year-end APYs and 60-day staking in six popular tokens, SHIB, DOGE, BABYDOGE, KISHU, MANA, and DOME, after December 16.

You can follow the current price action here.

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