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Hello friends,

Another stock I’ll analyze tonight ENKAI it will be.

In this share, which closed at 15.71 price level as of 19.04.2022;
MACD below the safe zone but close to crossing the blue orange upwards,
The volume bar of the last day is above the average,
stochastic RSI According to the 70.00 region, while the blue crosses the orange upwards, it is preparing to take off from below the 20.00 region on the daily basis.
The positive directional indicator is above the negative directional indicator and ADX our value is at 24.00 levels.
RSI According to the chart, while the 22-day HO was in full support in 4 hours, a breakdown occurred in the daily.
According to the WT indicator, it is SAT on an hourly and daily basis, and BUY on a 4-hour basis,

In the light of this information, if we need to interpret our graph;
When we analyze the short-term trend from 29 Mar in 4 hours, it now tells us that there is a squeeze in the triangle and a breakout will occur soon.
I wanted to share it with you as the Stochastic RSI tends to recover from the bottom on the daily, while the RSI is at the support at 4 hours, and the 22-day Moving average on the daily has broken 66 days.
To put it in numbers; 15.69 is a strong support, with a stop at closes below 15.48. The most ideal place to enter the stock would be to wait for the voluminous breakout of the 15.77 level.
If the 15.77 level is broken with volume, the sequential fibo resistance levels to watch are 15.94 – 16.21 and 16. 40 It is both strong fibo resistance and strong weekly resistance.
16. 40 Other resistance points to be followed are 16.76 – 16.96 – 17.13 – 17.36 – 18.04 – 18.28 – 18.51 levels.

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Like the shares and follow the account is an important indicator for the continuation of the shares.
All the works I shared; all information, drawings, graphics and comments, notes I took for myself and/or my essays on technical analysis, training notes.

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Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/ENKAI/UEXQjsjN/

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